‘Body Bags’ out NOW - LISTEN Here 


OWLS is the creation of Irish midlands producer Emy Collum. Having spent time behind the drums for indie bands, the darkwave specialist embarked on a solo path and began to explore his deep love for the shadowy realms of postpunk, techno and industrial music.

He went on to release his debut single They Kill in Nov 2021 and followed up with the highly acclaimed EP End Me. 2023 was a busy year with headline shows in Dublin,  a slew of underground events and the release of singles Swallow My Love and Bury Me in December. The Longford-based artist has been honing his live set to deliver electrifying synth-punk shows in the Irish underground scene and will release the highly anticipated Body Bags this March.

OWLS is a live electronic act with lots of vocal processing. Distorted synths meets otherworldly reverbs and delays. The project is at the confluence of post-punk and techno. It's dark, fierce and takes you on a tumultuous dance of life and death.

The project has been in its live form for just over a year. Live is where OWLS finds its place. It's a leap into the dark corners of self and an exploration of mind & the human condition. This is a driving, mesmerizing haunt; a sound of its own; an immediately recognizable silhouette in the nightscape. This is OWLS.




20/4/24  Magasin 4, Brussels - Tickets here

23/4/24 Workman's Cellar, Dublin w/Patriarchy 

1/6/24  TBA, Dublin